April 05, 2002

We is up, we is running, and Jen can't read HTML.


Now if only they'd work...

April 03, 2002

"Evangelical Coventanter" Further proof that I'm the only one among my friends that can spell.

Just more school quotes...

Nature doesn't suck, nature blows. -- Tyler

Andy doesn't suck, Andy blows -- Tyler (Isn't gathering random quotes fun?)

"Mary, I was not put on this earth to be quoted"

Congratulations, may you always aspire to lower things. (Said to me, of course)

That's it for today! -- mary
Jen here. First of all, I had a point with the "Baptist/Lutherans/Catholics." Our friend, Laura, of the coat smelling quote, goes to an Evangelical Covenant Church, and I was simply trying to figure out what they call themselves. "Hi, I'm an Evangelical Covenanter" sounds stupid.

Second of all, the point of this web page is simple. We are surrounded by people that say stupid things. We want to point this out to random strangers. The idea comes from a web page I happened upon (link coming soon). This girl kept a notebook full of quotes, for over a year, and then posted it online. I sent the link to my friends, and Mary decided we needed to do this. She bought us both small notebooks, and now we keep our eyes and notebooks open to record for posterity the stupidity that surrounds us.

To end, I will post a quote that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even think.

Mrs. S: (our school's theatre director) Incest is best!

April 02, 2002

All quoted from school today.

Let's have a coat smelling! -- Laura

-Hey Kenji, you ain't interested
-What are they looking at?
-Males. -- Robert B. and Kenji

I'm showing my private armpit parts. -- Laura

Jenny, the founder of The Experiment, is the most often quoted. Or, as she says "Mary, I was not put on this earth to be quoted"

One day I know there will be an exhibit about me and my paintings. Well, not my paintings, but paintings about me. Because I should be painted.

Well, I often smile because I think 'Golly gee, I'm me'.

Well, see, they're like Baptists, but Bapists paint themselves green and sit in their pews and shout for the minister.

You messed up my hair. You might as well kill me.

Your coat smells exactly like Anna's church!

See Baptists go to a Baptist church and call themselves Baptists. Lutherans go to a Lutheran church and call themselves Lutherans. Catholics go to a Catholic church and call themselves Catholics.

More tomorrow! -- mary